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The Jerry Thomas Project is no ordinary producer. Their Headquarters are mysteriously difficult to find; hidden behind a secret door, down a nondescript street  near Piazza Navona in Rome, and accessible only with a parola d’ordine, a password, obtained from a fortnightly-changing riddle..  Yes – you’ve guessed it; the Jerry Thomas Project is better known as Rome’s best speakeasy cocktail bar.

The Jerry Thomas Project embodies 1920’s ‘Prohibition Chic’; a small, cosy, crowded and smoky venue  whose luxurious red walls and gigs of blues and soft jazz is most certainly the remedy to Rome’s lack of cocktail bars. For those looking for an alternative to the far more common wine bars and increasingly popular artisan beer scene in Rome, the existence of the Jerry Thomas Project and it’s recent partnership with Antica Distilleria Quaglia in a bid to start producing spirits as well as serving them, is a breath of fresh air.

The Project is named after the ‘father of American mixology’ Jeremiah Thomas (1830-1885), who popularized cocktails and developed elaborate techniques for mixing them which incorporated a certain showmanship; a vital element of mixology even today. His cult status began after writing the first drinks books ever to be published in 1862 entitled ‘How to mix drinks’ or ‘The Bon Vivant’s companion’ and his signature cocktail was the Blue Blazer, a concoction which produces an arc of flame by transferring whiskey which is on fire, between two glasses.

The Project is not just a tribute to Jerry Thomas however , it is also a rediscovery of forgotten Italian spirits, a celebration of prohibition drinks with an Italian twist and an advocate for high quality products made with high quality raw Italian ingredients. The talent of the barmen, the beautifully-balanced, famously-named cocktails and the trademark bitter absinthe finish of many cocktails has justly placed The Jerry Thomas Project amongst the top ten bars worldwide. Their versions of the Sazerac, the Blue Blazer and the Moscow Mule are a must-try for any visiting cocktail connoisseur.

This is a unique producer for our Astrum portfolio, and we are very excited to be representing the Jerry Thomas Project in the UK with their range of Vermouths del Professore, their two extraordinary gins Gin a’la Madame and Gin Monsieur and their selection of special releases.

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Cocktail Recipe:

Morning Fog
by Gian Tomasso 
Bulgari Hotel & Residences,
Knightsbridge, London


Serve in a martini glass perfumed with bergamot. Garnish with thyme.