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DWWA 2020 | Best In Show | Cantina Valle Isarco Kerner Aristos 2018


A huge congratulations to Cantina Valle Isarco whose Kerner ‘Aristos’ 2018 has been awarded “Best In Show” with 97 points! 


116 of the world's top wine experts, including 37 Masters of Wine and 9 Master Sommeliers, set out to blind taste and score 16,518 wines as part of the Decanter World Wine Awards 2020. Only 50 of those wines were voted BEST IN SHOW, making these wines within the top 0.3% of all wines.


Cantina Valle Isarco 

Kerner 'Aristos' 2018

Alto-Adige, Italy

97 points

"Kerner is a crossing of Riesling with Schiava Grossa - which makes it all the more appropriate that the Kerner we picked out for out Best In Show selection this year comes from Alto Adige, the birthplace and home of the Schiava family. Fans of Kerner always adore its aromas, and they are rarely realised with more fresh-grass zest and rose-petal precision than here. Sometimes the flavours can seem a little woolly after that come-hither charm, but not here: this wine flies straight and true as an arrow, all the way to a clean spice finish backed, nonetheless, by some supporting glycerous wealth. Remarkable work and a fine varietal benchmark."


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DWWA 2020 | Best In Show | Cantina Valle Isarco Kerner Aristos 2018