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***New additions from Liguria, Piemonte and The Netherlands to our Spirits & Liqueurs range!***

Since the launch of our Bar Range a year and a half ago, our eclectic selection of Spirits & Liqueurs have received a lot of interest and we are so proud to have them listed in exciting and boundary-pushing bars and merchants across London and further afield.

In recent weeks, we have expanded the Italian range with Essentiae; a wonderfully artisan producer from Liguria. Equally as exciting is the addition of By The Dutch into our portfolio, our first ever producer from The Netherlands, with their selection of bitters, Old Genever and a spectacular rum from Indonesia. Finally, we have already seen our new products from Antica Distilleria Quaglia flying off the warehouse shelves; this amazing Piemontese distillery boasts an outstanding range of products, not to mention their fabulous collaboration with The Jerry Thomas Project from Rome. We are extending their representation on the Astrum list with their Berto range of Gin (London Dry), Vermouth Bianco, Bitter and Aperitivo and we also have a couple more Liqueurs from their selection; Lampone (Raspberry) and Doppio-Carvi (Cumin).


Located in the foothills of the Apuan Alpas that run down to the Ligurian coast, the unique climate where Essentiae's ingredients for their products grow, allows winemaker Diego Bosoni and expert Fiorella Stoppa to adhere to their ancient Ligurian recipes and produce outstanding artisanal liqueurs in their 'opificio'. The recipes are all believed to derive from ancient Roman instructions for making medicines, and elixirs and have remained an important part of the Ligurian heritage, which Essentiae are committed to keeping alive.

Essentiae only produce in small quantities, only use local, seasonal ingredients of the highest quality and every stage of production, including the bottle labelling, is done by hand. Cold infusion is a fundamental stage of production, and they use the most uninvasive approach possible to create these exquisite liqueurs.

Click HERE for more information on Essentiae and for production and tasting notes on each product.


By The Dutch

Only founded in 2015, this fabulously dynamic company is bringing Holland's heritage of spirits back to an international footing, and proving their worth as the first nation in the world to produce liqueurs. Passed down through the generations, the knowledge of traditional methods is what sets By The Dutch apart; along with excellent timing and intimacy with the ingredients of their products, which are mainly distilled and handcrafted in the so-called 'Genever Town' of Schiedam.

As one of the world’s oldest, distilled spirits, and a favourite amongst sailors of the Dutch East India Trading Company in the late 1700s , Old Genever is a rare find, and offers some of the peculiarities of both Gin and Whiskey. An excellent cocktail ingredient.

Batavia Arrack is an Indonesian rum named after Batavia, the present day city of Jakarta, when it became the centre of the Dutch East India Company's trading network in Asia. The trade in rum was entirely in hands of the Dutch, with virtually all Arrack exported to Europe arriving in Holland in wooden barrels, which would then be left to mature. This Batavia Arrack from By The Dutch is matured for 8 years in cask.

Click HERE for more information on By The Dutch and for production and tasting notes on each product.


Antica Distilleria Quaglia

To compliment our already distinctive gamut of Quaglia products, we are extending their 'Berto' range to include Vermouth Bianco, London Dry Gin, Aperitivo and Bitter. Excellent for cocktails, these spirits radiate artisanal craftsmanship and prohibition style production and packaging, and have become one of the most sought after selections on our Bar portfolio. Meanwhile, we add Quaglia's Raspberry and Cumin Liqueurs to the colourful list of liquori.

Click HERE for more information on Antica Distilleria Quaglia and for production and tasting notes on each product.

***New additions from Liguria, Piemonte and The Netherlands to our Spirits & Liqueurs range!***