Antico Opificio Clementi

From time immemorial, the Indians knew of the curative properties of cinchona bark, which was later exported to Europe and became known for its fever reducing and anti-malarial properties. In 1884 the expert botanist Dr Giuseppe Clementi began producing his own personal Antico Elixir di China (pronounced 'Kina') and the recipe has remained a closely guarded family secret ever since.

Over the years, this historic pharmacy in northern Tuscany has suffered a severe earthquake and a war bombing where most equipment and historic books were lost. Nevertheless, the pharmacy has been lovingly restored to its traditional charm with the family winning a multitude of awards for China, including the first official recognition for a cinchona elixir.

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Cocktail Recipe:

Ramos Clementi Fizz
by Alessandro Rabolini

Bartender at Daphne's Restaurant & Bar 
South Kensington, London

40ml Gin
20ml China Antico Elixir Opificio Clementi
20 drops Lemon Juice
3  drops Orange Bitter
Egg White
25ml Double Cream

Dry shake and pour on the rocks in a highball glass, top with lemonade and garnish with a slice of desiccated orange.