Produttori del Gavi

Almost fifty years in business, roughly one hundred members and over one hundred and fifty hectares under vine in prime areas of the appellation, explain why this co-operative, based in the heart of the Gavi district, produces some of the most exemplary wines of the area.

Cortese can be a fickle variety and unless yields are reigned in, wines can be lean and very high in acid. Coaxing Cortese to produce a structured wine with character and regionality can prove too much of a challenge for many producers, but with winemaker Andrea Pancotti and consultant Mario Redoglia, that challenge has been met. Huge credit must also go to efficient and passionate co-op in marshalling all the disparate growers into a coherent whole. The consistancy of these wines is also a fundamental asset for the co-op; stunning white wines that are of extremely good quality every year, offering versatility and fantastic value.

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"The wines produced by this cooperative are remarkable. Worthed space is reserved to Cortese grape, bottled in three different selections, all excellent. Gavi del Comune di Gavi,  with citrus aromas and powerful fruit but with a sapid final, has won Tre Bicchieri." Vini d'Italia 2009, Gambero Rosso