Batavia Arrack Aged Indonesian Rum

  • By The Dutch
  • Schiedam, The Netherlands

Method & Production

Batavia Arrack is a distillate based on sugar-cane molasses, produced exclusively on the island of Java, Indonesia and dating back to the 17th century. It is formed by a very specific range of pot still distillates originating from the East Indies, and is known as 'Indonesian rum'. The fermentation process includes the addition of local fermented (red) rice; it is this which sets it apart from Rum, although the base material is still sugar cane. Distillation of our Batavia Arrack is carried out using very traditional pot stills, adopting ancient Chinese distillers’ methods, followed by aging in oak barrels for up to 8 years. The production process is quite convoluted as the fermentation of the wash from molasses, water and local red rice takes place in Java, in Indonesia. It ferments in wooden vats and reaches 8% abv. This product is then distilled in very old fashioned pot stills until it reaches 30%, before a second distillation in pot stills until it reaches 60-65%. The Batavia Arrack is then shipped to Amsterdam, where it is blended according to a secret recipe, brought back to 48% abv and laid down in large oak casks and aged for 8 years.
The peculiarity of Batavia Arrack is that only a little caramel is added for colour, but no other botanicals are used, yet it offers a plethora of delicious flavours.

Tasting notes

The Batavia Arrack is a truly elegant spirit and due to the time spent in barrels, it boasts a fantastic range of rich and deep flavours, which really linger on the palate. Tobacco and wood smoke mix into a perfect aromatic base, lifted by fresh and vibrant flavours of bitter and sweet orange peel and spices. A true pleasure to drink, and very unlike anything we have tried before!

Food matching

Unlike rum and other spirits, Arrack is rarely drunk neat in it's original form; it is more commonyl used as an ingredient of punch and liqueurs or even as a flavouring in various types of food.