• By The Dutch
  • Schiedam, The Netherlands

Method & Production

A traditional Egg Liqueur with a true Dutch heritage made using local barn eggs, sugar, brandy and vanilla from Madagascar. The eggs are broken, separated and blended with 14% alcohol for sanitization. The yolks and whites are blended with brandy, sugar and vanilla. The mixture is left to rest until it reaches the desired viscosity.

Tasting notes

The origins of the “advocaat” are unclear. Some say it’s derived from an alcoholic drink that Dutch colonists made from avocado. However, others, place advocaat origins more recent with the name coming from the Dutch word for “advocate” being originally considered a lawyer’s drink. This traditional egg liqueur is deliciously creamy, smooth and rich. Reminiscent of custard or eggnog. 

Food matching

This Advocaat is very versatile and can be used in wide range of cocktails and desserts.