Vermouth del Professore Chinato

  • Del Professore
  • Piemonte, Italy

Method & Production

Main botanicals: Wormwood, vanilla, cinchona, orange and coriander.

Respecting ancient Piedmontese traditions, the recipe and method for mixing the wine, alcohol and herbs and spices for this vermouth is highly intricate and complicated. The base for the vermouth is made from Barbera d'Asti wine to which a pure and meticulously refined alcohol is added along with different aromatic and medicinal herbs gathered from alpine slopes surrounding Turin. The sugar added to the vermouth is minimally refined, natural cane sugar. 

Tasting notes

A sweet and aromatic base with a hint of bitterness, the Vermouth Chinato displays the typical characteristics of Barbera d'Asti enhanced by a mix of fresh and seasonal herbs and spices. Flavours of orange, corriander and vanilla on the palate with the Chinchona Calisaya creating balance and character. 

Food matching

Perfect to serve as an aperitif or after dinner drink.