Sabbie di Sopra il Bosco Terre del Volturno

  • Nanni Copè
  • Campania, Italy

Method & Production

Manual selection, soft crushing, fermentation and maceration in steel vats at a 26°C (79°F) maximum temperature, wish short manual pump-over; maceration differentiated according to the properties of the different harvestings, for a total of 14 to 19 days; malolactic fermentation in 500lt new french tonneaux; maturation in new casks (1/3), one year old (1/3) and two years old casks (1/3) for 13 months; bottle fining for at least eight months.

Tasting notes

Cohesive ruby red with a bright edge. Emblematic aromas of blueberries, berries, iris, lavender, juniper and bark embellished with graceful spices. Elegant, full bodied and extraordinarily well-balanced in smoothness, tannic weave, acidity and saline notes.

Food matching

All kind of pastas, white and red meat.