Roseline Sauvignon Blanc

  • Ormonde
  • Darling, South Africa

Method & Production

The vines for this lovely crisp Sauvignon Blanc grow in the Darling coastal region of South Africa. Planted on the cooler slopes of the Darling Hills a mere 4km from the Atlantic Ocean,  the sea breezes cool the vineyards, hot from the African sun, and leave fogs and mist in the mornings, all attributing to a slow ripening process and intense flavours. These vineyards cover an area of 150ha and the vines are handpicked in February or early March when the average temperature is 26˚C . The grapes then undergo cold fermentation and the resulting wine is not aged.  

Tasting notes

A light yellow colour with green undertones, this moreish Sauvignon Blanc diaplays herbaceous aromas with complementing notes of gooseberry and fig. The palate offers crisp acidity and flavours of green pepper and asparagus leading to a lingering aftertaste. Being a cultivar that responds very favourably to a cool growing environment, the Sauvignon Blanc produces intense herbaceous and fruity aromas and has developed to be the signature wine of the Darling district.

Food matching

Perfect with sushi, seafood, dim sum, fresh salads and chicken dishes. A lovely match with asparagus and goats cheese.