Blended Rum Edition 2017 03 - 04 Demerara Vertical

  • Samaroli
  • Edinburgh, The United Kingdom

Method & Production

Produced in Guyana, alongside the shores of the Demerara river which is where these rums take their name. The selected rum was shipped over to Scotland where it was re-casked into new oak. This is the second bottling of the Demerara vertical blend, a blend from 2003 and 2004. Around 700 bottles were made in Scotland in June 2017.

Tasting notes

 “Whiskyish” with a floral nose and wet cereal grain aromas. Rubber and liquorice are present in the background. On the palate there is paprika, ginger and strong spices kicking off a succession of exotic and metallic tones. Described by Samaroli as “a Rum without a homeland, a Scottish Rum”.