Amaro Zarri

  • Villa Zarri
  • Emilia Romagna, Italy

Method & Production

This Amaro is a product of the Zarri family tradition, and follows a recipe that has been kept in the archives of the Villa Zarri cellars for half a century. This liqueur is made with cold alcohol infusions of 28 precious herbs and aromatic roots, the tastes from which are bitter and elegant. These include quassia, rhubarb, wormwood, Colombo, liquorice, mint, myrtle-leafed bitter orange, gentian, bitter and sweet orange peel, and many others. The extract obtained is then left to stand for several months in a steel container until it reaches the 35 percent alcohol volume at which it is consumed. At this point, it is ready to be filtered and bottled.

Tasting notes

This amaro is a luminous shade of dark brown with a golden green rim.
The nose is broad and elegant, full of enciting aromas of orange peel, rhubarb, mint, gentian, aloe, cinchona bark, walnut, liquorice, dried prunes, roasted coffee beans and medicinal herbs.
On the palate it is soft and perfectly balanced, round and moderately warm; it boasts a long progression of taste in which notes of roasted coffee and liquorice stick are exalted, embellished with refined balsamic echoes.