Brandy 19 Yrs Full Proof

  • Villa Zarri
  • Emilia Romagna, Italy

Method & Production

Villa Zarri chose three different production years to create its Full Proof (Pieno Grado) Brandy Collection. Particular attention is paid to the alcohol content of the finished product and the length of aging for each vintage. Deriving from wine, which shows different characteristics every harvest, depending on the season’s weather conditions, Villa Zarri Full Proof Brandies come from single distillates of the same batch of wine. The 1989 Full Proof comes from wine made from Trebbiano Romagnolo. The brandy is aged in small new oak barrels, before being  transferred into the older, used barrels, which are almost exclusively used for oxidation. Once the brandy has reached its full strength; no distilled water is added at this point as its alcoholic strength would be lowered.  The result is a wonderfully  pure and natural brandy, with a strong and memorable identity.  

Tasting notes

Aromas of almond and honey notes present themselves at first. Subsequently, its complexity comes out, and it conjures nuances of leather, pistachio, dried figs and milk chocolate to finish. This is a very expressive brandy which displays power and elegance, but also a softer side on the palate.

Food matching

As the Full Proof Brandies are so high in alcohol, it is recommended to ‘prepare’ your palate by sipping a little drop first and moving it around your mouth, before tasting it properly. Always drink in small sips and drink a little water occasionally to heighten the aromas of the Brandy. A beautiful addition to strong, simple flavours of plain chocolate, dried fruits and dates or mature cheddar cheese.