Brandy Millesimato 18 Yrs Aged in Marsala Florio Barrel

  • Villa Zarri
  • Emilia Romagna, Italy

Method & Production

This Brandy Millesimato 2002 was distilled using the discontinuous cycle method with a
Charentais alembic, from a 2002 vintage Romagna Trebbiano wine from the Romagna
hills. The Brandy was then aged for 13 years in a 350-litre barrel of French oak from the forests of Limousin. In the fourteenth year, it was aged in a 300-litre oak wood barrel that previously contained a Marsala Florio Vergine 1998.

Tasting notes

The nose is delicate with toasted oak wood, enriched with accents of liquorice and dried
fruit, a prelude to intense identifying aromas of iris, cocoa powder, dried sage, nutmeg, a
whiff of pepper and balsamic puffs. On the palate it envelopes the mouth in a warm
embrace, slightly spicy and very cohesive, softly compelling, to exalt the dense aromatic
properties, enhanced by a long wake of chocolate and mint.