25 Year Anniversary Brandy

  • Villa Zarri
  • Emilia Romagna, Italy

Method & Production

The new 25-year anniversary label is the most prestigious Brandy in the Villa Zarri range. This is a blend of nine wines distilled from Trebbiano Toscano and Trebbiano Romagnolo grapes, from the 1987 and 1988 harvests. All the wines were distilled using the discontinuous method and the Charentais alembic, a quality method, which brings out all the best features. The Brandy is then aged in 350-liter barrels made from oak from the French forests of Limousin and Allier. In the first year of aging, new barrels are used to give colour and tannins to the spirits. After that, the brandies are racked into depleted barrels, which serve almost exclusively for the oxidation of tannins and alcohol. During the aging process, the alcohol content of the Brandy slowly reduces, either by natural evaporation of the alcohol through the pores of the wood, or the addition of distilled water.

A year before bottling the various types of Brandy that make up this blend, they were mixed together and put back into barrels to age so that they harmonize perfectly together before bottling. The 25 year age stated on the bottle signifies the age of the youngest brandy used in this blend. Like all Villa Zarri brandy, this product is perfectly natural, with no added colouring, sugar, or flavouring.

Tasting notes

"Bright amber with topaz reflections. A complex and refined nose, permeated with fruit in alcohol, dark chocolate and acacia honey, modulated by dried iris flowers, ginger, beeswax and a precious hint of cigar box. The taste is warm and engaging, elegantly spicy, with clear returns of vanilla and sweet tobacco, sealed with a bewitching and endless persistence." Paolo Lauciani (Italian Sommelier Foundation)