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We are also pleased to welcome Noah! Noah is an exciting young winery based in the small town of Brusnengo, in the province of Biella in Northern Piedmont. It is the viticultural brainchild of Andrea Mosca and Giovanna Pepe Diaz who, in 2010, decided that  a career change was necessary in order to follow their passion for wine. The husband and wife team had a mutual yearning to live off the land and so, in a bid to change their lifestyle and that of their two children, they purchased 3.8 hectares of vineyard within the Bramaterra DOC. Andrea and Giovanna have a holistic approach to winemaking, they believe strongly that “wine is the harmonious meeting of man and nature.” A view that we very much share!

The Bramaterra DOC is a relatively small appellation in Piedmont with the ability nevertheless to produce outstanding wines. Nebbiolo dominates the blends but the DOC allows for flexibility in small percentages of other varietals, of which Noah use Croatina, Uva Rara and Vespolina.

We are very happy to be able to be introducing Noah into the UK market and furthering our exploration of the elegant, timeless red wines of Piedmont.

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Cantina Cavalieri

We didn't know we were looking for a Verdicchio di Matelica DOC until we stumbled across Cantina Cavalieri. Verdicchio di Metelica is the lesser known of the two Verdicchio specialists. However it has a long running history as a quality wine producing area. The area is very special due to the altitude of the vineyards on the foothill ranges and for the richness and variety of micro-climatic conditions. The soils here are rich in minerals, with a calcareous clay content.

In 2006 a new generation of winemakers took over from their parents and the winery is now run by Eugene and Gabriele Benedetti. They have continued the family winemaking traditions and are incredibly passionate about the potential of Matelica wines. Gabriele lives with his wife at the property on the Cavalieri estate. It is the same site where his Great-Grandparents ran a small winemaking business in the early 1900s and it was these ancestors that were the first in the family to start working with local varieties. His Grandfather first built the cellar which still stands today and in the 1980’s, it was Gabriele’s father who made the decision to concentrate on exclusively producing Verdicchio di Matelica.

Gabriele converted the vineyard into organic viticulture in 2006 as soon as he took over and in the winery, each year, Gabriele is producing wines of character without any ‘fashionable’ influences – simply with clean, healthy grapes and great attention to detail in the cantina.

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 We have been looking for an Australian producer to add to our portfolio for a while now and our patience has paid off. The minimal intervention wines from Clare Valley producer Adelina are show-stoppers. The unique conditions in Clare Valley make it a formidable grape-growing region; the diurnal temperatures and ‘terra rossa’ soils have helped this region in Southern Australia to gain an international reputation.

Adelina, established in late 2002, is a small vineyard and winery found in the Springfarm sub-region of Clare annd their vines are set amongst one of the most historically relevant vineyards in Australia. Colin and Jennie, the partnership behind the wines, boast a mix of well-established 85+ year old Shiraz, Grenache, a smattering of Pedro Ximenes, along with young Shiraz and Mataro. Colin and Jennie cultivate their vines with organic and biodynamic principles: “It's all pretty simple really, winemaking artifact is minimal, we aspire to show an expression of the vineyard so try not to muscle in too much with heavy handed-ness in the winery”. In the winery, the team draw on French techniques with natural ferments, foudres and longer maceration periods. The soils at Adelina are quite varied. The Grenache is set on a grey sandy loam, on a clay base, this profile extends into a red sand, with lime and a small amount of sandstone where the established Shiraz is grown. 

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Cesarini Sforza


We were absolutely blown away the first time we tasted the wines from Cesarini Sforza. Made in the traditional method, this range of Italian sparkling wine demonstrates the extraordinary value for money available outside Champagne, and offers an excellent sparkling that will sit perfectly somewhere between top-quality Prosecco and Champagne on a winelist. Founded in 1974, Cesarini Sforza have always promoted viticulture based on precision and quality, thus enhancing the value of Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes, the company has been at the heart of projects that have left an important mark on the development and growth of the “Trentino” Classic Method. It has rejuvenated the region with an established local identity and reputation of excellence in production of Trento DOC sparkling wines.

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Ronco del Gelso


Having won a plethora of awards and praise for their wines, Ronco del Gelso attribute much of their wine’s character to the Isonzo DOC Rive Alte soils, which are poor in nutrients, stony and dry. This soil ensures that vine vigour is controlled, heat is reflected by the stones to promote full-ripening of the grapes and a little water stress avoids excessive production of leaves and focuses the vine’s energy on fruit. Adriatic sea breezes mitigate the high temperatures in summer and mountains in the North protect from cold winds in the Winter, whilst a high diurnal range means that Ronco del Gelso are able to produce firmly structured whites, with full flavour and exquisite aromatics, as well as several beautifully balanced, fresh reds. Ronco del Gelso produce beautiful expressions of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Friulano, Sauvignon and Malvasia Istriana amongst the white varieties and  Merlot and Cabernet Franc amongst the red.

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Antica Distilleria Quaglia - The Jerry Thomas Project


The Jerry Thomas Project is no ordinary producer. Their Headquarters are mysteriously difficult to find; hidden behind a secret door, down a nondescript street  near Piazza Navona in Rome, and accessible only with a parola d’ordine, a password, obtained from a fortnightly-changing riddle..  Yes – you’ve guessed it; the Jerry Thomas Project is better known as Rome’s best speakeasy cocktail bar. 

Apart from its website and highly active facebook page (an uncharacteristic feature for most on-trend speakeasies), the Jerry Thomas Project embodies 1920’s ‘Prohibition Chic’; a small, cosy, crowded and smoky venue  whose luxurious red walls and gigs of blues and soft jazz is most certainly the remedy to Rome’s lack of cocktail bars. For those looking for an alternative to the far more common wine bars and increasingly popular artisan beer scene in Rome, the existence of the Jerry Thomas Project and it’s recent partnership with Distilleria Quaglia in a bid to start producing spirits as well as serving them, is a breath of fresh air.

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Astrum Wine Cellars

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The London Wine Fair 2017

The London Wine Fair is returning and so are we! We will be located this year at stand number B50.

Once again it is truly exciting to be part of such a diverse and expanding tasting as the London Wine Fair and we fully intend to pull out all the stops for it. This year we are very excited to announce that this year we have 20 producers joining us this year!

This is the biggest event in London wine and therefore a must-visit on your calendar. See you there!

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