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Born and bred in Oxford, Tom Nicolson, Founder and CEO of TOAD had previously enjoyed a successful career in music industry. Though coming from a family who have been involved in the wine and spirits industry for many generations, Tom was always curious about the art of distilling. And after becoming captivated with the idea of setting up Oxford’s first craft distillery, he left music in order to pursue his passion. Tom met Californian-born, Master Distiller and professional Barman, Cory Mason in 2013 and the creative pair instantly connected. Cory shares Tom’s passion for the pursuit of the ultimate craft and together they concocted the creative brainchild that is TOAD.

“from grain to glass” is the motto. TOAD spirits are made exclusively out of ancient populations of heritage grain, sourced from four farms in their local area. John Letts who grows this special sustainable grain, spent many years researching, sourcing and farming sustainable agricultural methods and has become a leading pioneer in the resurgence of this ancient production. Everything about TOAD is totally unique, including their stills which were specially made with the help of expert engineers, using the recycled parts of a steam engine! All in fitting with their unyielding ideals of British excellence.  

In May 2017 they started fermenting and distilling their first batch of heritage grain and in July 2017 they launched both the Oxford Dry Gin and the Oxford Rye Vodka. TOAD are the first British producer in our portfolio and we are so pleased to be working with such a truly unique, artisanal and high quality producer that are so close to home!

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The Sabatini family estate is located in the stunning province of Arezzo, Tuscany. Father Enrico Sabatini, his two sons, Niccolò and Ugo and cousin Filippo, were inspired by their summers at the family estate, where sun down would be marked by an aperitivo G&T and a stroll through the villas picturesque gardens. And so, they decided to create a Gin which complied with the same rules and method of the ever popular London Dry Gin, yet which had aromas and flavours that would transport them back to Tuscany! Thus wherever the world would take them, no matter how far, they would always be connected. This unique product is made using botanicals picked from the estates gardens, chosen because they represent the quintessential flavours of Tuscany; Tuscan Juniper, Coriander, Sage, Wild Fennel, Olive leaves, Lemon Verbena, Orris, Thyme and Lavender. 

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Samaroli; one of the most prominent names in the world of Whisky. A company with a rich history, stretching back over 49 years. This for us, was the natural addition to our bar portfolio, further showcasing our endearment and admiration for the unique and wondrous Italian spirits industry. 

The Samaroli legacy began in 1968 when they re-casked a selection of rare and renowned single malts and vatted whiskies into new oak, transforming them with age and their trademark artistic labels. The resulting whiskies have increased depth, complexity and flavour, incomparable to any other. Samaroli also works with premium quality single cask and blended Rums from South America.

Samaroli today is under the operation of Antonio Bleeve who had been collaborating with the company for many years before he took charge as master blender and CEO. An admirer of the companies philosophy and passion, Bleeve continues to create unique products to the standards of excellence set by his predecessors. Aged spirits un comparable to anything else and sought after by whisky enthusiasts around the world. 

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We are pleased to welcome Caiaffa to our portfolio and introduce these stunning northern Puglian wines to the UK market. Caiaffa works to the principle of synergistic agriculture. They believe that nature is mans greatest collaborator and that it is nature which maintains balance. Certified organic, they do not use insecticides or pesticides in order to encourage a balanced  ecosystem and work at one with nature. They are especially protective of the insects which live on and around their vines, they work in harmony with them and have established a symbiotic relationship in which both parties benefit. These wines are beautiful examples of the benefits to a harmonic relationship with nature and to caring for the environment. 

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One of Sardinia's most renowned winemakers and multi award winning producer, we are very excited to have Giuseppe Gabbas and his wines as part of our portfolio. The Gabbas estate has been part of the Gabbas family for generations.  His wines are best known for being true examples of traditional Sardinian styles. The estate consists of 20 hectares of vines, predominantly Cannonau de Sardegna making up of 80% of their cultivation, alongside Vermentino and another local variety called Muristellu. Muristellu is a red varietal used in small amounts in blending, it gives the wines extra body and depth.

The farm sits in the Locoe valley at the foot of the Supramonte mountains, in Barbagia, the heart of Sardinia. The climate here is hot and dry but the cooling breezes from the surrounding sea and the proximity of the mountain ranges provide these hillside vineyards with protection and temperature control. The granite soils help to retain moisture, so much so that even in drought they can continue to nourish the vines. These special conditions not only provide a perfect micro-climate for the grapes to ripen but also they allow for minimal intervention; the use of pesticides and fertilizers here is very little.

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