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We were absolutely blown away the first time we tasted the wines from Cesarini Sforza. Made in the traditional method, this range of Italian sparkling wine demonstrates the extraordinary value for money available outside Champagne, and offers an excellent sparkling that will perfectly somewhere between top-quality Prosecco and Champagne on a winelist.

Cesarini Sforza of Trento was founded in 1974, when Count Lamberto Cesarini Sforza, along with Giuseppe Andreaus and other pioneers of the Traditional Method (Metodo Classico), founded the company Cesarini Sforza in Trento. Always having promoted viticulture based on precision and quality, thus enhancing the value of Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes, the company has been at the heart of projects that have left an important mark on the development and growth of the “Trentino” Classic Method. It has rejuvenated the region with an established local identity and reputation of excellence in production of Trento DOC sparkling wines.

Cesarini Sforza joined the La Vis cooperative in 2000 and in doing so were able both to benefit from the fertile soil research that the cooperative carried out, and also has given them access to the full range of grapes grown by the many members of La Vis. The Cesarini Sforza winemakers have therefore had the unique advantage of combining the elegant grapes grown in the Upper Cembra Valley, the complex structured grapes of Meano and Cortesano, the well-balanced grapes from Sorni and the Pressano Hills with those from the characteristic vineyards located above the city of Trento and on the Besagno Hills. In short, the different soils, microclimates and training systems lend a distinct personality to these vintage sparkling wines.

We are thrilled to be importing their Tento DOC Brut and Trento Doc Dosaggio Zero, both from the 'Tridentvm' range of Metodo Classico Sparkling.

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(Tridentum Trento DOC Brut 2008) "this sparkling wine has a fragrance of apple and almond, with a whiff of bread crust. The creamy palate delivers yellow apple and toasted walnut flavors, a refined bead and crisp acidity. 90 points." Kerin O Keefe, The Wine Enthusiast