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Just as with our wines, we believe that our search for quality spirits and liqueurs should often take us off the beaten track . The last couple of years has therefore seen our selection of spirits producers grow to a more eclectic, highly sought-after mix which has become a branch of the Astrum portfolio in its own right. Hence the creation of a separate Bar List, dedicated solely to the spirits and liqueurs we offer. We hope that separating the Bar-orientated products from the wines,  will make browsing the catalogue and website easier and more efficient for our Bar clients, whilst also giving the spirits and liqueurs the recognition they deserve…

It is perhaps due to such a vibrant gastronomical and enological culture, that Italy’s fascinating ancient tradition of spirits and liqueurs is often overlooked. But as early as the 13th Century, liqueurs were made in convents and monasteries  and used as herbal remedies and medicines. With an air of mystery over ingredients and methods, the recipes were passed down through generations and even today the best spirits and liqueur recipes are family secrets produced in the small, private distilleries across the country; it is these hidden gems that we have tried to seek out for the Astrum Bar List.

With the new arrival of Antica Distilleria Quaglia  and the Jerry Thomas Project, the Bar List consists of eight unique producers at present, and covers Rhum, Limoncello, Brandy, Sambuca, Gin, Vermouth, Grappa, China (Amaro) and a variety of stunning liqueurs:

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