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Gian Luca Colombo - Segni di Langa

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A rising star in Piedmont, Gian Luca Colombo is a seasoned, award winning oenologist, who from a young age has been committed to the art of winemaking.

Located in Roddi, Segni di Langa comprises of 4 hectares of vineyard land. Gian Luca cultivates using sustainable practices and is working towards Organic and Biodynamic conversion. He believes that rather than taking a pre-planned, directional approach to winemaking, you should follow the evolution of a wine instead. To do this he takes a minimal intervention approach to vinification, all his wines are made without filtration or clarification.  

Everything about this operation is very personal for Gian Luca and so, as a sign of his commitment and a symbol of his devotion to this project, each and every bottle is branded with his fingerprint.

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Château Saint-Maur


Located in the southernmost part of Côtes de Provence, Château Saint-Maur is nestled between the foothills of the stunning Massif des Maures mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea. Built in the 19th century, Château Saint-Maur’s winemaking roots run deep within Provence. Since 1955, the estate has upheld the elite status of Cru Classé, alongside a small list of just 22 other estates. A designation which is granted upon the evaluation of an estate’s history, winemaking, vineyard quality and reputation. 

Today, this modern winery thrives, with new talent and passion for superior quality wines. Extremely well made, we were impressed with these wines for their precision, focus, purity of fruit and value for money at every level. We are delighted to represent Château Saint-Maur in the UK and we look forward to many a summer’s evening to come, enjoying a glass of their rosé!

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Cantina Valle Isarco


Located in the Valle Isarco, the most Northerly wine producing area of the majestic mountainous region of Alto Adige. Cantina Valle Isarco is one of the youngest cooperatives here, but has swiftly built a reputation for producing high quality wines of regional distinction. 

The Cantina is made up of 135 members, located across the valley on steep terraced vineyards, ranging from 300m – 950m above sea level. Due to how steep the slopes are, almost all the grapes are hand harvested, ensuring uncompromised quality of fruit. The vignerons benefit from dry, sunny ripening periods and mineral rich soils, ideal conditions for these expressive, aromatic white wines. 

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Trossos del Priorat


Trossos del Priorat is a small, family run winery located in the village of Gratallops, home to some of the most prominent producers of Priorat. The Llicorella soils here provide unique climatic conditions in which the Grenache and Carignan vines thrive. The soil structure formed of layers upon layers of slate, with virtually no topsoil, help with drainage, forcing the roots to grow deep into the soil to source water. Nutrients are poor, therefore the vines dedicate their reproductive cycle to the fruit rather than the vegetation, giving the grapes concentration and power.

The family farm their vineyards using organic practices, though the wines are not certified due to small quantities of grapes coming from local farmers. Trossos del Priorat’s wines convey the land of their origins; they are very expressive, showing depth and concentration. The Priorat DOQ ’90 Minuts’, a Grenach/Carignan blend, has so much to offer; complexity, body, minerality and persistent fruit, it is excellent value for money.  

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DWWA 2020 | Best In Show | Cantina Valle Isarco Kerner Aristos 2018

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