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Celebrate Springtime with a glass of Grechetto...

Here in the corner of Lazio where the Tiber river meanders away into neighbouring Umbria, the 130 hectare Mottura estate lays claim to some of Italy's finest white wines. With a unique terroir in an area rich in natural resources, and void of any urbanisation, the decision to change to organic viticulture and farming was a natural development for the Mottura family, whose ownership of the 36 hectares of vineyards cince 1933, has enabled them to develop the wine into a real gem on any serious wine list.

Their vineyards are often shared with an unusual species of Porcupine; evidence of the organic authenticity as these animals can only be found on healthy, unpolluted land, free from pesticides.

Sergio Mottura offers a range of wines unmatched in quality by any estate in Lazio. Besides the Orvieto Tragugnano, the Grechetto Poggio della Costa (mineral, unoaked) and the Latour a Civitella (oaked, richer, somewhat Burgundian version) are true pinnacles of the highest qualtity wines the Grechetto variety can achieve.

We are delighted that Giuseppe Mottura will be spending a week of tastings, Masterclasses and events with us here in the Uk; perfectly timed for welcoming these fantastic white wines back onto Spring and Summer wine lists!

Celebrate Springtime with a glass of Grechetto...