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Quality, Consistency & Ease: Our brand new Vintar Dispensing Systems with Bag-In-Box wines

We are now able to loan out a Vintar Dispensing System for use with our BIB range of wines, combining the value for money advantage of the Bag-In-Box wines, with a more aesthetically pleasing dispensing unit than the boxes often provide.

The Vintar has two compartments, one temperature controlled and the other at ambient temperature, allowing two wines of different colours to be dispensed at the same time. It provides an ideal solution for wines sold by the glass, keeping them fresh for weeks, whilst also saving time during service and offering excellent value for money by buying in larger BIB quantities.

Wines available for the Vintar System

Vinchio-Vaglio Serra Barbera 2014 (10litre) 
Vinchio-Vaglio Serra Cortese 2014 (10litre) 

Centopassi & Libera Terra Bianco Sicilia 2013 (5litre) 
Centopassi & Libera Terra Rosso Sicilia 2013 (5litre) 
For more details on the Cortese, click HERE
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For more details on the Rosso Sicilia, click HERE.


Measurements & Details

*  2 still wines within 5 litre or 10 litre  Bag-In-Box packaging  may be kept simultaneously in the Vintar unit in the two separate compartments (one temperature controlled, the other at ambient temperature but which is kept from getting too hot by the cooling effect of the other compartment).

*  One tap is connected to each compartment meaning both wines can be dispensed at the same time.

*  69cm tall with a diameter of 46cm.

*  Available in Burgundy Red or Ivory White.

*  Weight: 38kg  /  Voltage: 230v  /  Frequency: 50Hz  /  Power: 159w

*  Internal temperatures: 5°c - 13°c for the temperature controlled compartment.

*  The design, as well as the choice of materials, are inspired by the age-old tradition of Italian Master Coopers. The Vintar system  aims to protect the environment by saving on energy, transport and storage costs, whilst using materials that can be recycled.

*  Vintar systems do not implement conventional cooling systems that use Freon gas, known for damaging the Ozone layer.


We are loaning the Vintar machines for free, provided they are used solely with our range of BIB wines. The machines have now arrived with us from Italy and are ready for loan so please call the office on 020 3328 4620 or email us at for more information.

Quality, Consistency & Ease: Our brand new Vintar Dispensing Systems with Bag-In-Box wines