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Wine of the Week: Verus Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Tamlyn Currin via


"Damn Delicious!"

"'Damn delicious!’ are the first words I wrote down. Green apples and morning-dew-wet grass and pea shoots. Bit of fresh guava roundness. Vibrant, full of energy, fabulously balanced. Little bit of tomato vine and basil and spearmint on the finish. It fills the mouth and, unusually for Sauvignon, satisfies. And it’s just 12.7% alcohol.. I would like nothing better than to see a wine like this replace the ubiquitous and industrially dull Sauvignon Blancs dominating the wine lists of so many decent eateries in the UK. It’s time for wine-list writers to use a little imagination."


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Wine of the Week: Verus Sauvignon Blanc 2018