Bèrto is a range of premium quality vermouths, spirits and liqueurs by Antica Distilleria Quaglia. Established in the late 1800's, the Quaglia family have a long history in the Piedmont region of Italy for producing artisan products, drawing from their family recipes and traditions, whilst maintaining contemporary and modernising where needed.

The Bèrto range is a take on these historic recipes. Fourth generation distiller, Carlo Quaglia, uses the finest quality, natural ingredients, the majority of which are locally sourced, to patiently conduct long infusions, releasing maximum flavour whilst sustaining upmost purity of the ingredient. The range includes three gins, a London Dry style, an Old Tom style and a gin aged in Juniper wood. In addition to their traditional Turin vermouths and classic Aperitivo and Bitter. Not does this range offer amazing quality but they are also incredible value for money.

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Cocktail Recipe:

Tokyo Negroni
by Ginger Zerbetto of Hakata Ramen + Bar London

25ml Berto Gin, 25ml Berto Bitter, 25ml Umesake, a dash of fresh satsuma juice

Stir all the ingrediants and pour into a rock glass over ice. Run satsuma juice around the rim of the glass and garnish with a fresh satsuma slice to serve.