Cantine Cellaro

Sambuca di Sicilia, located 40 miles southwest of Palermo, has been producing wine for centuries, and Cantine Cellaro's wines are an incomparable expression of the historical region.

After a strategic agreement between Cantine Cellaro and Farnese Vini, the range of the wines has been revised, both in terms of how the wines are produced and how they are presented. Since the winery’s expansion in number and area of vineyards and thanks to the company's partners, the process of mapping and classifying of the territory has begun. This has allowed them to isolate which areas are most suited to specific varietals. Now, Cantine Cellaro now represents 1000 growers with approximately 1700 hectares under vine.

Despite the extensive range of grape varieties they work with, a definite priority has been given to local grapes such as Nero D’Avola and Nerello Mascalese. The winemakers have conducted a high number of experiments to isolate the best approaches for maturation and vinification for each of these local varieties. The high quality of this detailed and comprehensive project is only made possible by the technical experience of Filippo Baccalaro in collaboration with Vito Giovinco, wine specialist.

In an effort to maintain harmony between the vineyards and land, Cantine Cellaro are committed to environmentally friendly measures and utilize renewable energy, specifically, wind energy. On their highest hills, wind turbines shoot into the sky, providing the striking imagery that is prominently featured in their logo.

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"Cantina Cellaro specializes in fashioning authentic Sicilian wines from indigenous white and red grape varieties... Cantina Cellaro’s Lumà Series of wines comprise the winery’s finest offerings and two of the island’s greatest wine values." The International Wine of the Month Club