Colazingari Liquori

Colazingari’s products are textbook examples of the art of liqueur production through the century old tradition of cold infusion, by which liqueurs of much greater refinement and depth of flavour are produced.

Colazingari has more than two centuries of tradition behind it and the company’s headquarters are still located in Alatri, one of south-eastern Lazio’s most charming towns.

The secret recipes it uses to make its liqueurs, are drawn on centuries of experience and many of these products are considered the best of their respective classes. Sambuca, made from anise and other ingredients such as elderberry, star anise and licorice, is the most famous product made, and is a staple of Italian life, traditionally enjoyed with an espresso bean or added to coffee. However, Colazingari's Samuca are best appreciated all on their own, just like a fine Brandy or Cognac.  

The origin of this famous drink’s name is debated: for some, the name Sambuca derives from an Arabic word, Zammut, which was the name of an anise-flavoured drink that arrived to the port of Civitavecchia by ships coming from the East. Others believe that the term derives from the Latin word sambucus, meaning "elderberry”.

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Cocktail Recipe:

Licorice Fizz

Crushed ice
10cl Soda Water 

Serve in a Collins with a wedge of lemon to garnish.