Produttori del Carema

Produttori del Carema is a cooperative which was originally founded in 1960 with less than 12 producers. Well known for producing high quality wines, today their numbers have risen to 81 due to their huge success.

Produced from the Nebbiolo grape, just like the more famous Barbaresco and Barolo, however, the microclimate in Carema is much different than the latter two. It is far more rigid and previously, before climate change, Carema’s Nebbiolo had trouble ripening. Furthermore, the area’s extremely steep slopes have caused trouble, a problem of the past with modern machinery. The vines are trellised on stone and lime pillars, giving the pretty countryside an unmistakable, appearance. Carema is an aristocratic, very long-lived red.  With aromas and flavours reminiscent of sour red cherries, raspberry, red roses, and tar, the wines are similar to Barolo and Barbaresco. However, they have livelier acidities, a tighter structure, and great refinement.

Unlike Barolo and Barbaresco, Carema is not required to be 100% Nebbiolo. Many contain small percentages of other local varieties, such asm Croatina or Uva Rara, but must have a minimum of 85% Nebbiolo. The wines of Carema are well-known and have been sought after for centuries.

Since the 1500s, Carema has been chosen for the festive banquets of Dukes, Kings, and Popes, as Bacci tells us in his book, De vinis Italiae naturalis historia. Due to Carema’s tradition and distinguished character, it was named one of Italy’s first DOC wines in 1967.

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(2013 Carema Riserva) “A lesser-known cooperative gem not be missed is the Cantina del Produttori Nebbiolo di Carema, whose 16ha of pergola-trained vines on the edge of the Italian Alps produce some of the most elegant yet concentrated Nebbiolo in Piedmont.. Delicious, but dark and broody at the moment: one for the long haul. Sweet, dark cherry fruits and leather tangle with bracing acidity and soft, refined tannins. Lightness and freshness make for a very special wine.” 94 points, Simon Reilly, Decanter (January 2018)