Ronchi di Cialla

Ronchi di Cialla, a 28 hectare historical Friulian Estate, is a small, family run business. Established in the 1970s, they have established a reputation as one of the finest producers of age-worthy wines in Fruili.

‘Ronchi’, in Fruili’s dialect, means hills cultivated by vines; ‘Cialla’ is a small valley surrounded by woods with chestnut, oak, and wild cherry trees. Located in the Cialla valley, one of three sub-zones in Colli Orientali del Friuli, it is a picturesque area with perfect growing conditions for the indigenous grapes. The company philosophy has always been to work solely with indigenous varieties, such as, Ribolla, Refosco, Schioppettino, Verduzzo, and Picolit. In fact, the Rapuzzi Family restored and revitalized the Schioppettino grape from near extinction, defying the odds and local wine laws.

Their viticultural practices involve minimal treatment with non-polluting products, while vinification is carried out naturally. Their continued commitment to agriculture innovation and ecologically-friendly methods have earned them their "biodiversity friendly" certification by the World Biodiversity Association. This accolade is granted to those with a commitment to progressive increases in biological diversity, conservation through the use of natural practices, and minimal interference farming techniques.

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"Along with saving Schioppettino, Ronchi di Cialla also proved the importance of the variety, as today it is truly one of the most interesting and age-worthy reds being produced in Friuli. However, in my opinion, Ronchi di Cialla's Schioppettino remains the best... This is not just a historic winery, but also a historic family. The wines that they are producing today deserve serious consideration." Eric Guido, Vinous (April 2022)

(1983 Verduzzo di Cialla) "From the fantastic 1983 vintage, and made with a very underrated Italian native grape variety, this knockout sweet wine boasts truly magical acid/sugar/tannin/fruit balance, showcasing like words cannot do just how great Verduzzo wines can be. I have had this wine from this specific vintage at least twenty-thirty different times in my lifetime (yes, it’s a wine I know extremely well), and I can safely say this is the best bottle of Ronchi di Cialla’s 1983 Verduzzo I have ever tried. While sipping, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking what a pity it is that more people do not have the opportunity to drink wines and vintages like this one, for it would really open their eyes to the magic of generally unknown grapes and wines." 98 points, Ian D'Agata, Terroir Sense (February 2024)