Ronchi di Cialla

Ronchi di Cialla is an historical Friulian Estate and it is strictly a family business.

Ronchi, in the dialect of Friuli, means hills cultivated with vines. Cialla is a small valley surrounded by woods with chestnut, oak and wild cherry trees, in the D.O.C. Colli Orientali del Friuli area, and it is officially recognised by a Ministerial Decree as cru.

The agronomy is made with minimum treatment with non polluting products, the vinification is carried out naturally.

The company philosophy has always been to work only with indigenous varieties, such as Ribolla, Refosco, Schioppettino, Verduzzo and Picolit that in the Cru' Cialla find the perfect environment. The estate consists of 28 hectares. After 40 years Ronchi di Cialla has a well established reputation on the market as a producer of some of the finest age-worthy wines of Friuli.

The estate is certified as "biodiversity friendly" by the World Biodiversity Association, meaning they are committed to a progressive increase in biological diversity; conservation by continually using natural practices and farming with minimal interference where possible.

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"Ronchi di Cialla’s Schioppettino is an iconic and historic wine in the true sense of those words, and Italy’s finest expression of the grape.Ian D'Agata, Vinous Media (June 2017)

"Ronchi di Cialla is an outstanding Friuli Venezia Giulian estate that single-handedly put the Cialla viticultural area on the map, focusing everyone’s attention on the high quality of many of the region’s previously underrated native wine grapes." Ian D'Agata (May 2015)