Ronco del Gnemiz

Owned and managed by Serena Palazzolo and her sons, Ronco del Gnemiz has been one of Friuli Venezia-Giulia’s leading wineries for more than a decade. Purchased in the 1960s, Serena took over from her father in the early nineties when she returned home after college graduation. Her management has pushed the winery to new heights due to their commitment to uncompromising quality through natural viticulture and maintaining low yields. Serena and her partner/fellow winemaker, Christian Patat, attribute the wines age-ability to their deep-rooted respect for the terroir, preservation and improvement.   

The 10 hectare estate sits on the hill of Rosazzo. Despite the vineyards’ south-facing exposure, the summer heat is tempered by sea breezes and the vineyards are sheltered by the Alps. Friuli does not always have a gentle climate and often suffers harsh winters in comparison to the good summers, and has also endured its fair share of freak, heavy rainstorms, for which the Northwestern region is renowned. If it weren’t for the good North winds known as ‘Bora’ which dry out the land, it would be impossible to manage the drenched vineyards.  Ronco del Gnemiz is lucky to have vineyards based on Friuli’s prized sandstone soil ‘Ponca’ which comprises many layers of soil built up over millions of years making it rich in minerals and microelements which give the wine a highly distinctive character.

Ronco del Gnemiz wines are characterised by bright acidity in the whites, with a very careful use of oak, while the reds adopt a classic Bordeaux style and austere tannins. All wines are made with fully mature grapes which are never overripe, and subsequently the rich fruit is the focus for both reds and whites. It is the purity, length and display of true varietal style which places Serena’s wines among the gems of the region, and make them a testament to her commitment and passion.

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"I think it’s safe to say that Serena Palazzolo and her husband Christian Patat are at the top of their game; and as a result, the wines of Ronco del Gnemiz are among the best being made in Friuli today... These wines are gorgeous in the youth and quite vertical, yet it’s only through maturation that they reveal their real magic. If you’re drawing up a shortlist of Friuli’s best producers, make sure that you place Ronco del Gnemiz near the top." Eric Guido, Vinous (April 2022)