Samaroli; one of the most prominent names in the world of whisky. A company with a rich history, stretching back over 49 years. This for us, was the natural addition to our bar portfolio, further showcasing our endearment and admiration for the unique and wondrous Italian spirits industry.

The Samaroli legacy began in 1968 when they re-casked a selection of rare and renowned single malts and vatted whiskies into new oak, transforming them with age and their trademark artistic labels. The resulting whiskies have increased depth, complexity and flavour, incomparable to any other. Samaroli is recognized as the first “non-British” company in history to bottle single cask whiskeys in this way and became undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed and influential spirits importers in Italy. More recently the company also started working with high quality single cask and blended Rums from South America. The maturation period for both the rums and the whiskies takes place in Scotland, where the cool climate allows a perfect environment for the spirits to age.

In 2008 Antonio Bleve, who had been collaborating with Samaroli for many years, took charge as Samaroli’s master blender and CEO. An admirer of the company's philosophy, Bleve continues to create unique products to the standards of excellence set by his predecessors. Bleve also has a passion for blending the flavours of mature spirits with that of the power of young ones, with the aim of rebuilding the soul of the spirit but in keeping with the philosophy of aging. These blends are proving an exquisite addition to their already outstanding portfolio. And at the same time he continues on the mission to work with elite spirits, to produce very special casks destined for “single” offerings, sought after by whisky enthusiasts from around the world.

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"The most famous and influential of all the Italian importers/bottlers, boasting some of the most legendary whiskies ever bottled"

Allesandro Palazzi (The Dukes Bar, London)