Distillato di Lamponi Selvatici

  • Capovilla Distillati
  • Veneto, Italy

Method & Production

Organic raspberries, grown without the use of pesticides and fungicides are picked from the hillside vineyards.

To make these fruit distillates, the first step is to put the raspberries through a fermentation (spontaneous, using indigenous yeasts) similar to that of winemaking. They then distil this fruit wine twice using a  baine-marie  method in custom made small copper stills, this distils the fruit wine at a low temperature, very slowly. Though this method is time consuming it extracts the maximum amount of flavors and aromas. The first part of the distillation contains toxic methyl alcohol and the last part of the distillation contains undesirable elements such as seed oils and other unpleasantries. These parts are therefore discarded and what is left is the clean and pure heart of the  distillato. The distillates are left to age for a few years before being cut with fresh spring water which reduces the alcohol substantially.

Each bottle is unique, the label handwritten and sealed with a colored wax, chosen to represent the original fruit. 

Tasting notes

Approximately 100kg of wild raspberries are needed to make just one liter of Raspberry Distillati. This is pure perfection; it is intense with overwhelming aromas of raspberry fruits, notes of wild brambles with a concentrated pure sweetness of fruit. Each sip is followed by an incredible length of flavou: simply stunning!