Distillato di Ribes Nero

  • Capovilla Distillati
  • Veneto, Italy

Method & Production


To make this fruit distillate, the first step is to put the blackcurrants through a fermentation (spontaneous, using indigenous yeasts) similar to that of winemaking. They then distil this fruit wine twice using a baine-marie method in custom-made small copper stills, this distills the fruit wine at a low temperature, very slowly. Though this method is time-consuming it extracts the maximum amount of flavours and aromas. The first part of the distillation contains toxic methyl alcohol and the last part of the distillation contains undesirable elements such as seed oils and other unpleasantries. These parts are therefore discarded and what is left is the clean and pure heart of the distillato. The distillates are left to age for a few years before being cut with fresh spring water which reduces the alcohol substantially.

Each bottle is unique, the label handwritten and sealed with a coloured wax, chosen to represent the original fruit. 

Tasting notes

This is exuberant, explosive and fragrant with perfumed black fruits, black currents especially, with slight alcohol warmth. The sweet aromas are complemented with slight spice. The palate is seemless, sweet textured with pure currants and the finish is long with slight warmth.