Rhum Rhum Libération 45% (NLA)

  • Rhum Rhum
  • Marie Galante, Guadeloupe

Method & Production

Using only the finest quality sugar cane, cut by hand, from which they obtain the whole cane juice from the first press only. This is fermented at a controlled temperature for 6-8 days, without the addition of chemicals or acidifying agents. The fermented product is distilled using their double distillation system in a Bain-Marie.

These rhums are extra special due to their extensive aging in barrels previously used for maturation of wine from Bordeaux and Burgundy. This maturation process completely transforms these rhum's in terms or complexity, flavor and texture.

The length of which the rhum's are aged for varies from vintage to vintage. For every year that the rhum is aged, 12% of the initial product is lost. From start to finish the production and aging takes place in Guadeloupe. The vintage on the bottle indicates the year of “Liberation” from the barrels for which they are stored in.

Capovilla decided that each vintage of the Liberation would have it's own label. The beautiful designs come from very old stamps from the University of Coimbra in Portugal, which represent different aspects of nature in the Caribbean.