Liquore di Nocciola (Hazelnut Liqueur)

  • Antica Distilleria Quaglia
  • Piemonte, Italy

Method & Production

Piedmontese hazelnuts (tonda gentile delle Langhe DOP) are roasted, then partly infused with alcohol partly vacuum-distilled. Other botanicals used are Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar and rhubarb, alongside a selection of spices. 

Hazelnut: crumbled roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont (tonda gentile delle Langhe DOP) are partly infused in water / alcohol 60% Vol and partly vacuum-distilled. We add water and sugar to make the liqueur.


The distillation of the infusion of hazelnuts,
joined by a selection of spices as rhubarb and
Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar,
creates a full-bodied, elegant and warm liqueur.

Tasting notes

Full-bodied and warming. Predominant flavors of roasted hazelnut, vanilla and hints of dried fruits. A silky, elegant liqueur with a long finish.