Rosato Puglia

  • Mezzogiorno
  • Puglia, Italy

Method & Production

Formed in 2011, Mezzogiorno is an exciting venture, whose aim is to source high-quality fruit for the creation of wines which each embody the typical flavors and characteristics of the most common grapes native to Southern Italy. 'Mezzogiorno' translates as 'Midday' in Italian, but is also the word commonly used by Italians to refer to the southernmost regions of the peninsula and Sicily.

The grapes for this Rosato are harvested mid September. The must is left to macerate on the skins for about 12 hours at a controlled temperature to extract color. After a soft pressing the must is fermented in stainless steel vats at a temperature of between 18 - 20 degrees.

Tasting notes

This lightly colored rosé is a classic example from the south of Italy. Made from a combination of local red grape varieties, the wine shows an array of red fruit and berries,
apples and melon with an intriguing underlying green herbal note. Fresh, vibrant fruit flavors provide texture and weight supported by bright, balancing acidity. 

Food matching

The wine is dry in style which makes it ideal as an aperitif or enjoy with salmon, prawns and white meats