Moscato d'Asti - Half Bottle

  • Paolo Saracco
  • Piemonte, Italy

Method & Production

The juice from different tanks is first blended and then transferred to autoclaves used to 
start fermentation which is activated by raising the temperature and allowing the natural yeasts to begin the transformation of sugar into alcohol. When the alcohol content reaches 5.5% and a perfect balance between acidity, sugars and alcohol is achieved, the temperature is lowered in the autoclave and the fermentation stops. The wine is filtered through microfiltration to give it maximum purity and transparency, then it is bottled. The pressure in the autoclave is about 2 atm, and goes down to about 1.5 atm after bottling. The sugar content in the bottle is about 140 g / L.

Tasting notes

The wine is sweet and seductive, vibrant and sharp, refreshing and effervescent. Served cold with its delicate and persistent bubbles, it is like a refreshing shower in summer.

"If I had a big enough goblet, I’d fill it up and go swimming in the stuff (with my mouth open, of course)." Best Italian sparkling white wine of the year, Ian D'Agata, Vinous (January 2019)

Food matching

Excellent as an aperitif, it goes very well with any desserts and it's a real feast with Pandoro or Panettone, the Italian Christmas cake.