Single Malt Scotch Whisky Bowmore Sherry Cask N.54 (2021 Edition)

  • Samaroli
  • Edinburgh, The United Kingdom

Method & Production

Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Sherry cask distilled in 1997
Bottle in Scotland
From Bowmore Distillery
Cask no. 54

Tasting notes

Only Bowmore can give life to such rare, unique and unrepeatable declinations. It has always been the only malt that exhibits peaks of fragrance and elegance worthy of a burgundy chardonnay, moreover dated. Elegant, fragrant nose. Rich in tones of white chocolate and powder that contrast with hints of stove charcoal and toasted wood. All this is the forerunner to those peaty tones that manifest themselves in a delicate and not overwhelming way. On the palate it is disruptive and devastating, but not for the usual brute strength of peat products, but for its elegance and roundness. All enriched by the passage in sherry barrels that does nothing but round and ennoble all the characteristics of Bowmore, without conditioning it but only emphasizing it.