Pinot Bianco Rarity

  • Cantina Terlano
  • Trentino Alto-Adige, Italy

Method & Production

Manual harvest and selection of the grapes; gentle whole cluster pressing and clarification of the must by natural sedimentation; slow fermentation at a controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks with the malolactic fermentation and aging on the lees in big wooden barrels for 12 months; further aging on the lees in steel tanks without filtering or fining for eleven years.

Tasting notes

Cantina Terlano has an unusual offering in the form of its Rarities, special editions of mature white wines that have been left to age on the lees in steel pressure tanks for at least ten years. This Rarity is a Pinot Bianco with a youthful freshness that belies its maturity. That makes it perfect for a long period of aging in the bottle.

Intense light straw yellow with delicate greenish reflections. Terlano’s 2010 rarity wine has an impressive freshness and a wealth of aromas, with new components, revealed at every tasting, including herbal notes of camomile, lemon balm, and lovage together with a hint of dried kaki and apricot. The multifaceted bouquet also displays the aromas of bread crust and yeast bun paired with flint. The wine is smooth and powerful on the palate, with a crisp and fresh acid backbone that leaves a youthful and delicate impression and strikes a fine balance with the mineral components. The finish is elegant and silky, but also enormously deep and firm.