Rose Gin

  • Tinkture
  • Cornwall, The United Kingdom

Method & Production

Main botanicals: Juniper, rose petals, coriander, lemon and orange peel 

Tinkture Rose Gin is hand crafted in small batches. Distillation takes place in a traditional alembic copper pot still. Fresh (not dried or concentrated) organic David Austin rose petals are used to make this Rose Gin. 7 other botanicals are also used, all chosen with the intent to not overpower and to allow the Rose flavor to sing through. Using strictly fresh ingredients means the Gin can subtly differ from season to season, batch to batch, a phenomenon they embrace much like a vintage for wine. 

Tasting notes

"Tinkture Rose Gin is bold and distinctively floral, with rose being at the forefront on the nose and palate. Angelica root, orris root and citrus peels give earthy, herbal, fruity and almost tea-like notes, along with a background of piney juniper and hints of spice. The mouthfeel is relatively smooth and the finish is dry and lingering with pepper, spice and citrus notes continuing to develop. Heavily floral gins often divides opinion, however those who enjoy rose stand to be very pleased and have the bonus of a charming bottle on their gin shelves too. Start with a G&T and a garnish of peach or orange. " - Paul Jackson, The Gin Guide (2019)