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Huge Success for Di Lenardo's Ramato Gossip

Best Pinot Grigio Ramato of the World, Best Pinot Grigio of Friuli and Second Best Pinot Grigio of the World... The awards seemed endless for Massimo di Lenardo at the first ever Pinot Grigio International Challenge in Corno di Rosazzo near Udine, Friuli, this June. 

The competing wines came from over Italy (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Alto Adige, Trentino, Sicilia), France, Austria, South Africa, Australia and the USA. Renamed 'Winebledon', the judging took place much like a series of tennis matches; the wines directly battling it out in pairs, and following a tournament structure. The Challenge also held conferences over the commercial challenges presented to Pinot Grigio on the current world market, the reasons for its immense popularity and the ways in which its image may be improved. 

Di Lenardo's 'Gossip' is made from Pinot Grigio grapes which have spent 18 hours fermenting in contact with their skins; enough time to achieve a beautiful, coppery hue otherwise known as 'Ramato'. The wine then stays on the lees until bottling. This delicious wine's luscious aromas include both fresh red fruits and aromatic dried fruits with delightful additional notes of wild flower meadows, hay and almonds. Di Lenardo has achieved a delicate balance of robust fruit and crisp acidity, characterising the complex palate with flavours that mirror the wine’s bouquet.

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Huge Success for Di Lenardo's Ramato Gossip