Bodegas Tobía

Coming from a family of local grape growers and winemakers and aptly named after an old local grape variety called ‘Tobia’, it was Oscar Tobia’s natural path which lead him to the industry. In 1994 Oscar started out as a “Garage Winemaker”, a passion project which in 2010 became a career. Oscar purchased  a state of the art winery in La Rioja and with it the 80 hectares of vineyard land that sit alongside the facility. Then, he installed some of the most modern winemaking technology and equipment in order to fulfil his dream of creating unique, high quality wines with respect for the land and local varieties . The winery is named Bodegas Tobía, in homage to Oscar’s Riojan roots and family heritage.

Situated in the province of La Rioja in the Ebro valley, Tobia’s vineyards stretch across 15 communes, allowing for experimentation with a variety of soil types and climatic influences. Oscar has built a name for himself as an innovator, constantly exploring new techniques and involving himself in several research projects; including his work with wood types and his studies on micro-oxygenation. He firmly believes that minimal intervention is the key to best express the nature of the local varieties and terroir. This has led him to be part of the development and implementation of ‘smart’ vats, which use the natural energy from the release of Carbon Dioxide during ferment to pump over the must.

From a forward thinking producer, Tobia’s wines are considered a new wave of Rioja. The aim is to combine the history of Riojan winemaking and viticulture with innovation – resulting in wines that are fresh, stylish and captivating!

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