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Borgogno needs very little introduction. This historic estate sat right in the centre of the Barolo has always produced benchmark, traditional Barolo.

Established in 1761 by Bartolomeo Borgogno, this estate was one of the first producers in the area, however it was in 1920 when Cesare Borgogno took over management that the winery's direction and destination was really changed forever. Cesare started to export his wines but also had the vision to keep aside at least half of the production, with the idea of releasing it after a minium of 20 years ageing. It is due to this that Borgogno have the most amazing collection of older vintages and are able to offer aged bottles directly from the cellar.

Today the estate is managed by Andrea Farinetti after is was acquired by his family in 2008. This young winemaker is combining both the history and traditions of this estate with a modern approach and the resulting wines are fantastic.

The Barolo Chinato was created by Cesare Borgogno, who was an enthusiastic herbalist and good friend of renowned Vermouth producers, Mario Cora and Alfredo Marone Cinzano. Traditionally used for medicinal purposes to settle fevers and upset stomachs, today this historical product is enjoyed as a digestif and works very well with chocolate and sweet pastries. 
Borgogno's base red wine is fortified sweetened and an aromatic infusion is then added to make Chinato. 37 varieties of herbs and spices are used to create the aromatic infusion including 3 varieties of cinchona (china); Calisaya (infused with seville oranges), Succirubra and Soccimano.

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Cocktail Recipe:

Dragon Drink
by Luky Lucian

50 ml   Mezcal 
30 ml  Chinato Borgogno
Half  Dragon Fruit
Half  Fresh Lime Juiced
Bar Spoons of White Sugar