Cantina Cinque Terre

The 300 growers which make up the cooperative Cantina Cinque Terre, cultivate around 60 hectares of beautifully spectacular yet dramatically-terraced vineyards. Using a blend of Bosco, Albarola, and Vermentino, which are local varieties, they craft unique Mediterranean white wines from vineyards precariously perched on the Ligurian cliffs. The characteristic terraces are backfilled and supported by man-made dry walls. With a maximum height of a meter, and often only 50 to 60 centimeters from the ground, the pergolas are protected from potentially inclement coastal spring winds.

Thanks to the significant investment made by the Cooperative in recent years, Cantina Cinque Terre is finally capable of producing white wines that are a true expression of this unique winegrowing area. The area is characterized by its exposure to sea air, warmth, and water paired with a moderate climate sheltered from the rigorous North, as well as, ideal sun exposure that is only intensified by reflection from the dry stone walls.

Their headquarters was built in 1982 in Groppo with the same materials used in vine terracing. Cantina della Cooperativa Agricoltura delle Cinque Terre is the region’s only major producer that guarantees a high level of investment in the most modern vinification technologies. This echoes their single goal ‘to unleash all of the flavour and all of the splendour of the Cinque Terre from the incredibly limited yield of these vineyards’.


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"It’s remarkable how good the wines of the Cantina Cinque Terre are: delicate, poised, refreshing and seemingly saline" Andrew Jefford, (March 2015)

(Cinque Terre, 'Costa da Posa' 2011) "Very scented and yet delicate. Really delightfully poised. Floral but with fine structure." 17 points, Jancis Robinson (November 2012)

(Cinque Terre 2008) "Here's a rare and exciting blend of Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino from a cooperative winery in the beautiful Cinque Terre region of northern Italy. You won't find these native grapes anywhere else and the wine is perfectly suited to the fresh fish dishes served in this gorgeous part of the world. 86 points." Monica Larner, Wine Enthusiast (March 2011)