Derbusco Cives

We have been looking for a Franciacorta producer for some time now, however we struggled to find one that we felt really excited us and showed the level of individuality we look for in our products and producers. Until now. The wines of Derbusco Cives are fantastic in terms of quality and distinction and we are delighted to be representing them in the UK. Derbusco Cives is a young cellar, which was set up by 5 friends who wanted to produce Franciacorta wines, with a focus on highlighting the unique terroir of Erbusco. The name Derbusco Cives simply means “Citizens of Erbusco”. They own 12 hectares of vineyard land in this area, which they use exclusively for production of sparkling wine.

The Doppio Erre Di immediately stood out for us. Only free run juice from the carefully selected Chardonnay grapes is used, the purity of the fruit is evident when you taste the wine. Doppio Erre Di which means late disgorgment, is a wine which sits on fine lees in bottle for a 30 month period of refinement, which allows the wine to build in flavour and complexity. Each bottle of Doppio Erre Di is disgorged just before release to ensure optimal freshness for every consumer.  Also, you will see that they use an unusual bottle shape for their wines, a bottle shape which was specially designed for them to aid in the natural ripening of sparkling wine. A huge amount has been invested into this project which is reflected in the exceptional quality Franciacorta they produce.

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