Gian Luca Colombo - Segni di Langa

A rising star in Piedmont, Gian Luca Colombo is a seasoned, award winning oenologist, who from a young age has been committed to the art of winemaking. Growing up in the Langhe area of Piedmont, it has always been a dream of his to operate a winery of his own in the area. Having completed his Masters in Viticulture and Oenology after 11 years of study and having worked as a consultant across Italy, in 2011 Gian Luca found the perfect site with which to make his dream a reality.     

Located in Roddi, Segni di Langa comprises of 4 hectares of vineyard land. Respect for the environment, respect for the terroir and respect for the grape varietal purity is at the heart of his ethos. Gian Luca cultivates using sustainable practices and is working towards Organic and Biodynamic conversion. At first he produced just Pinot Noir, and impressively for this Gian Luca received an award for Top Italian Pinot Noir in his very first vintage! The only Piedmontese producer ever to receive such an accolade. He then started working with Nebbiolo in addition to Pinot Noir and in 2014 received the Gambelli award for Young Winemaker of the Year. Gian Luca believes that rather than taking a pre-planned, directional approach to winemaking, you should follow the evolution of a wine instead. To do this he takes a minimal intervention approach to vinification, all his wines are made without filtration or clarification.  

Everything about this operation is very personal for Gian Luca and so, as a sign of his commitment and a symbol of his devotion to this project, each and every bottle is branded with his fingerprint.

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