The picturesque Ormonde estate consists of 400 hectares of vineyard land, located in the Darling Hills on the West coast of South Africa. The Ormonde vineyards are located just 5km from the sea and therefore benefit from the cool sea breeze, a welcome break from the intense heat of the South African sun.

The Basson family have a long and successful history as farmers in Darling but only more recently have shifted into the world of viticulture and vinification. Nico Basson had the foresight to plant vines on their land, much before the area became known as a premium wine producing region. In 2006, Nico’s son, Theo Basson, who was already a highly regarded and well respected within the wine trade, invested in the construction of the state of the art Ormonde winery on their family estate.

Ormonde describe themselves as having a “hands on” approach in the vineyard and a “hands off” approach in the winery. They put a lot of thought and effort into their viticultural practices, which they do with a great respect for the environment. Their techniques are organic, rather than using insecticides, they release certain insects which perform as repellents to other insects at certain times of the year. Additionally, they are  members of the Biodiversity in Wine Initiative, which is a movement to promote awareness and participation in driving conservation-minded farming practices.

Their extensive effort in the vineyards allows for their “hands off” approach in the winery. Theo makes his wines with the emphasis on preserving the primary varietal fruit character. This is particularly evident in the Roseline range that includes lovely, young, and fruit forward wines.

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