Tenuta di Trinoro

The story of Tenuta di Trinoro is that of a terroir-inspired visionary, who defied convention to follow his instinct, at great avail to the vinous community. From his 22 hectare estate in Val d’Orcia, Southern Tuscany, Andrea Franchetti now produces some of the greatest examples of Bordeaux blends to come out of Italy.

Innovation, creativity, and expression are at the core of Tenuta di Trinoro and Andrea's winemaking philosophy, much of which stems from the vision and culture of his family. From an early age, he was inspired by his uncle, the great artist Cy Twombly, as well as the great winemaking traditions of his extended family, the Rothschild's. Wine has long been Andrea's passion, and prior to winemaking he had established his own import business in the US, supplying top-quality Italian wine to New York’s restaurant scene. But after years of traveling and working with hospitality, Franchetti decided to leave metropolitan life behind and return to Italy to embark on a career in wine production.

Tenuta di Trinoro was founded in 1991 on a trip to Val d’Orcia. An area with no previous viticultural history. Struck by the dry air and blinding light, Andrea came across a rundown old farmhouse, with no road access, surrounded by woodland. Not one to shy from a challenge or to follow trends, he was determined that it would be here that he would start from scratch, to establish a vineyard from nothing, in an area unbeknown to most, using Bordeaux varieties (Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot).

In 1997 after years of experimentation, the first vintage of Tenuta di Trinoro was born and immediately caught the eye of national and international critics. Le Cupole is a wine of remarkable renown. Through quality focussed, terroir-driven winemaking, Tenuta di Trinoro produce complex wines, which show power and concentration. This cult winemaker continues to push boundaries as well as his own personal standards, a seriously exciting producer, of legendary status.

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"If I were to attempt to summarize Franchetti's approach to wine, I would settle on the word: 'oneness.' Here we have a single man, who makes a wine of a single style at the only wine estate that exists in this unexplored region." Robert Parker

"Tenuta di Trinoro is remarkably direct and appetising. It is not like red bordeaux but is much more complex than most Italian Bordeaux blends. Like them it qualifies not for any DOC but is sold as an IGT, a wine with an Indicazione Geografica Tipica of Toscana – not that there is anything remotely typical about this wine. It has been treated to every rich winemaker's plaything: tiny yields; the strictest selection (hence the appearance of a second wine); top-quality oak used in abundance to give it longevity; some tricky malolactic fermentation in barrel to soften it; a touch of micro-oxygenation to keep it fresh." Jancis Robinson