The Oxford Artisan Distillery

Born and bred in Oxford, Tom Nicolson, Founder and CEO of The Oxford Artisan Distillery had previously enjoyed a successful career in music industry. Though coming from a family who have been involved in the wine and spirits industry for many generations, Tom was always curious about the art of distilling. And after becoming captivated with the idea of setting up Oxford’s first craft distillery, he left music in order to pursue his passion. Tom met Californian-born, Master Distiller and professional Barman, Cory Mason in 2013 and the creative pair instantly connected. Cory shares Tom’s passion for the pursuit of the ultimate craft and together they concocted the creative brainchild that is The Oxford Artisan Distillery.

“from grain to glass” is the motto. The Oxford Artisan Distillery spirits are made exclusively out of organically grown, ancient populations of heritage grain, sourced from four farms in their local area. John Letts who grows this special sustainable grain, spent many years researching, sourcing and farming sustainable agricultural methods and has become a leading pioneer in the resurgence of this ancient production. Not only is the flavour profile superior and truly distinctive but these natural grains require no pesticides or herbicides making them wholly organic. Everything about The Oxford Artisan Distillery is totally unique, including their stills which were specially made with the help of expert engineers, using the recycled parts of a steam engine! All in fitting with their unyielding ideals of British excellence.  

Since their launch in 2017 The Oxford Artisan Distillery (previously known as TOAD) have strived to become the UK's first certified organic grain-to-glass distillery. And as of April 2020 they have completed such achievement and are now officially certified organic. The Oxford Artisan Distillery are the first British producer in our portfolio and we are so pleased to be working with such a truly unique, artisanal and high quality producer that are so close to home!

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Cocktail Recipe:

by Cory Mason
The Oxford Artisan Distillery

50 ml The Oxford Artisan Distillery Rye Vodka
25 ml Essentiae Coffee Liqueur
50 ml Double cream
4 dashes By The Dutch Orange bitters

Dry shake heavy cream with 1 bar spoon of sugar and 4 dashes orange bitters (shake until foamed). Shake Vodka and Coffee Liqueur with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Float the cream mixture on top of the martini and top with a line of fine ground espresso.