From the Tuscan Apennine hills of Mugello, where the natural springs run crystal clear, comes this premium range of hand-crafted, high-quality spirits. A project formed by local entrepreneurs in 2013 with an absolute commitment to sustainability, their aim was to make Tuscany’s first Organic Certified Vodka.

Keeping respect for the environment at their core, VKA and J. Berry are committed to having low to no environmental impact. Each and every step of production is carefully thought out so that nothing goes to waste. From production: any proteins, starches, and gluten extracted are given to the food industry to re-use. To packaging: environmentally friendly packaging made with recycled paper and chuff and glass bottles which are 100% recyclable.

VKA Vodka is distilled using high-grade, Tuscan grown, Organic Certified wheat, and natural Apennine spring water. A vodka of exceptional purity, a mineral accent, cool acidity, and a silky-smooth palate. Most definitely a spirit that can be sipped at leisure but also provides an exceptional base for premium cocktail making.

J.BERRY is a newer addition to the range which although not certified organic, is made using Organic Tuscan wheat at its base and natural Apennine spring water. Each botanical is treated individually and distilled separately. Velvety texture, with a hint of sweetness, juniper, apple and almond.

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